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In the spring of 2007, we moved to our little piece of heaven in Campbellford, Ontario from downtown Toronto. We bought 25 acres of rolling green hills with a beautiful old century farmhouse on it. Suddenly my dream to have goats was possible! We brought home 4 very opinionated, impossibly cute Nigerian Dwarf Goats who became the inspiration for our homegrown business - Haute Goat. We hope the name implies what the company is all about - premium quality, with a good dose of whimsy. We started with our Hand, Foot & Cuticle cream, which I'd been making for several years. When people started to rave about it, (they said things like "My skin has never felt so smooth" and "I've never found anything to help with my eczema, but your lotion has been amazing!", we thought we might be on to something. So we launched with the HF&C cream, our Raw Goat Milk Soap bars and something truly spectacular - Goat Cheese Chocolates - in December 2014. From the beginning we've had great response to our products. Everyone loves hearing about the goats (and we love talking about them). Lots of people follow our goat adventures with us. Our goal is to make truly unique, truly premium, truly handmade in small batch things with love. When you meet us you'll understand how much we love our goats and what we do. In the mean time - Thanks for visiting!

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Handmade, Small Batch Goat Milk Skin Care and Edibles