Alpaca Sleepover

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From June 17, 2021, Until September 15, 2021

Price: for 2 people incl. breakfast

Sundays to Thursdays at $150: Book Here

Fridays + Saturdays at $200: Book Here

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Alpaca Sleepover Details

The majestic Huacaya alpaca herd at Haute Goat Farm invites you to come to spend the night with them!

Be one of the first to experience a rustic and very unique getaway from your everyday routine. Leave your fast-paced life behind, unplug from your normal routine and immerse yourself in one of the most beautiful spots in Northumberland County. Simply listen to the world around you which often is muted by the rush of our daily lives.  Slow things down and enjoy the simple happiness of life in the country and tap into your true self. 

You may show up at Haute Goat and enjoy the farm until check-in at 3:00 pm. Once you have settled in you may head out for dinner at one of Port Hope's many wonderful restaurants or you can arrange to have dinner prepared for you in our Screaming Goat Cafe upon request.

Enjoy the peace and quiet of a country evening. Walk the farm trails as the sunsets. Relax as you watch the night sky light up with stars and when you are ready to turn in for the night head to your private space inside the alpaca enclosure and settle into a big, comfy bed set on top of hay bales.

Listen to the sounds of nature; perhaps even some coyotes off in the distance, while safe in the alpaca enclosure. Our livestock guardian dogs keep the farm safe and the alpacas will keep watch over you, humming contently, as you drift off to sleep.

Wake up with the sun or our rooster and enjoy a delicious farm-style breakfast as the alpacas are fed by the farm staff.

Spend your day at Haute Goat enjoying some of the wonderful experiences before heading back home.

Do not forget to bring your camera because you will want to capture every memorable moment to share with your family and friends.

This is your opportunity to truly be "one with the herd!"

Please know that we practice all necessary COVID protocols.

We sanitize all surfaces with approved products and comply with provincial laws, including any additional safety and cleaning requirements. 

In our Screaming Goat Cafe and Shop facemask is required. 

Please note that there are no Farm experiences scheduled on Mondays and Tuesdays.

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