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The INCREDIBLE EDIBLES FESTIVAL in downtown Campbellford on Saturday, July 12 will see the launch of the first annual Goat Derby and Fashion Show and is welcoming enthusiasts young and old to take part in the fun. The Derby starts at 2pm sharp.

“There are goat races around the world, from Tobago to Tanzania, and we wanted to include one in our INCREDIBLE festival,” said Joan Sheppard, Co-Chair of the Festival. “We know it will be great fun for everyone involved and great entertainment for the spectators. We're looking for handlers to dress the goats, parade them in the fashion show and then race them.”

The derby is just one part of the food festival that will celebrate local producers and their wide variety of foods from caribou, to coffee, to beer, to insects, to goat cheese. More than 25 vendors will line Saskatoon Ave. from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. offering samples of their foods and lots more to purchase and enjoy.
In addition to tasty food and beverages the festival will have music, entertainment and informative speakers on food topics.

The Derby is being sponsored by Haute Goat, a local company that makes all sorts of premium products featuring something goat. The Haute Goat racing team, the Tripping Billies, will be making its debut at the festival. The racing team is comprised of 11 goats of varying ages (the oldest being six and the youngest being two months) including: Pearly Girl, Liberty, Midnite, Butterscotch, Ferny, Eva Shmeeva, Thumbelina, Yoda (fondly known as Yodels), Madeline, Baby Ruth and the as yet unnamed buckling. Debbie Nightingale, who is Co-Chair of the Festival and President of Haute Goat is thrilled to have the goat race as a featured event at the Festival. “We love celebrating goats and sharing them with people, especially kids. Its amazing how just saying ‘goat’ makes people smile. When Festival goers meet our little Nigerian dwarf goats they will definitely fall in love”.

The event will kick off with the fashion show, where the handlers will parade their entries in front of a panel of judges with two winners being chosen.

The second part of the event is the derby. Handlers will race their goats around a 200 metre oval course. Prizes will be awarded for best dressed in the fashion show, first place in the race and Last place in the race.

Anyone who would like to learn more about the goat races, or register to take part should contact Debbie at: debbie@hautegoat.com or call 416.402.8144