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Feta, the Newest Member of the Family

Just over 2 weeks ago, we got our first Nubian goat on the farm.  We're calling her FETA.   She's a beautiful, exotic looking doe with the most expressive eyes ever.  And she's such a honey.  She loves nothing more than snuggling with humans.  We're boarding her for friends and we're thrilled to do it since I've always wanted one.....she's about twice the size of the Nigerians, long legged with the long ears reminiscent of a bassett hound.  

She was very shy at first, then bonded quickly.  BUT she didn't want to eat.  She'd eat some grain and greens if you were with her -but otherwise, no hay or forage if we weren't there, which is the bulk of what goats eat in a day.  Best guess is that she really missed her herd.  She's just over a year old and she came to us from a lovely breeder in the Niagara region.  So leaving there and coming to us, with our highly energetic Nigerians, barking dogs and general chaos, must have been a bit of a culture shock for her.  

She was in quarantine for 2 weeks - pretty standard - while we waited for test results to make sure she was ok to put with the rest of the herd.  While waiting I put in one of my sweet little Nigerian bucklings - Chevy (short for Chevre) to keep her company.  That didn't quite do it.  They formed a tentative friendship, but he didn't give her enough of what she needed to get her eating. Three days ago she went in with the yearling herd of Nigerians.  They have been keenly interested in her.  And she's figuring things out with them. 

Tonight, for the first time since she's been here, Feta looked like she was starting to fill out again.  She ate her grains with a ferocious appetite.  She's looking to be part of the herd of yearlings though she's the gangly giant one.  And when I milked her tonight (is this the most bucolic setting ever?), she gave just the littlest bit more than the night before.  Go Feta!!