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The Epic Story of a Wee Goat Named Yoda

It's hard to believe I wrote this more than 4 months ago, on April 9th, late into the night...

"Delighted to report that our first goat kids have arrived! First freshener (first timer) LIBERTY delivered quads last night. Nearly unheard of in FFs!. Unfortunately, one arrived stilborn. There is a doeling and 2 bucklings. One of the bucklings was quite weak when he was born so we have him in the house in our 'Goat ICU'. That means he's under a heat lamp and being pampered beyond belief. He's just under one pound and has lots to say if we don't pay enough attention to him. I've named him YODA because he looks wrinkled, wise and kinda funny in an endearing sort of way. The other 2 are Bessie - who looks like a Holstein cow and Jo, named after our good friend.


Yoda was born one of quads to Liberty....he was just about 400 grams when he was born - weak, not able to hold up his head....This video was taken when he was about 5 hours old. Apologies for the quality - it was taken under a heat lamp we used trying to get his body temperature up.

Today, when I look back, I can still remember the terror I felt that this sweet little thing might not make it.  But something about him screamed - 'help me, I'm gonna make it'....and so I did everything I could to help him make it.  Bear, our Bouvier, took him under her wing and licked him back to health every chance she got.  When it got to be just a little too much, we put him in the pack 'n play in the kitchen so he could see and hear us.  I also gave him a little box in the pack 'n play to 'hide' in when he needed a bit of quiet.  And at night I took him upstairs so I could feed him every 4 hours.



During the day, I'd put him on the floor in the kitchen to 'participate'....but he could hardly stand up.  His 4 legs would splay in every direction and I'd follow him around to pick him up to start again.  My brother's girlfriend (who is studying to be a vet) spent a lot of time with him, getting him confident on his legs....Within the first week she had him walking carefully, but staying upright more than he was losing his legs.....

After about a week, I figured he needed to be with his herd. But you can't just 'drop him off' there.  So I took him down to the barn, out to the pen and hung out apart from him while he got to know his herd.  For a pipsqueak he was pretty ballsy.  He didn't hesitate to go up to the other goats - adults and kids alike - though he was still figuring out goat language.  It didn't take him long.  Its interesting that after first left the barn, his mom never recognized him as hers.  Mother Nature is so efficient if you let her be.....But he did start to engage with the other babies.....including his brother and sister. Within about 2 months, he'd outgrown his brother and sister and in fact towered over them! 

Today he's great buddies with Fast Eddie and is 'mentoring' the younger kids in his pen, Haatchi and Merlin. He's also now become a house goat and pretty much part of the family.


 - Debbie