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Realizing Our Dream


In the fall of 2007, we left the city to find our own little piece of heaven.  We found it just outside of Campbellford - a big, rambling old farmhouse on 25 rolling, wooded acres.

When Shain retired in 2009 and was was able to be at the farm full-time I said why don't we get goats and he said, "What are you insane? Why would we get goats?"

To his credit, he was supportive and I did a little bit of research and discovered the Nigerian Dwarf goats who are unbelievably cute - the first important reason to have them. As it turns out they also have the highest butterfat content of all of the goats at 6% which is incredibly rich. I make all the Haute Goat lotions, lip balms, skin-care products and other non-edibles with it.

We also wanted a small breed because we love to have children visiting the farm and the Nigerian Dwarf breed is a perfect size for kids. We started with four tiny, perfect caprines - Pearl, Eva, Sally and Butterscotch who promptly made us fall in love with them and changed our lives forever.

We now have almost forty goats on the farm who keep us busy and remind us every day that we are living our dream.