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A Small Farm Gets Ready for Fall

Every time a new season arrives, it means another step forward in the circle of life. The changing of the leaves (and they are just magnificent here in Northumberland County and will get even better over the next couple of weeks), tell us its time to prepare for winter.

For us that means checking the fencing, making sure we’ve laid in enough hay, straw and grains, double checking the watering systems (pretty antiquated, but they still work) and doing a final clean up of pens before winter. We use a system of bedding for our goats in which we leave the bedding over winter and add to it as needed. This allows the urine to sink to the bottom and drain out and the manure (small, inoffensive pellets) to remain. The heat from the poop also helps to keep the pens warmer in winter. At some point over the next few weeks we will put in heat lamps over the water bowls to keep them from freezing.

It also means getting serious about breeding season! We breed our does in the fall to have spring babies. We will breed half the girls in mid November and half in mid-December. With a gestation of 165 days (approx.!), that will bring babies in April and May. What a great way to celebrate spring. We spend a lot of time figuring out the ‘matches’ – ie which buck to breed to which does. We’re looking to strengthen strong traits and lose weak ones. Easier said than done, but we’ve had some good success in our Tripping Billies herd as the years go on.

In the next blog, I’ll show introduce you to our breeding bucks!