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The Announcement We Never Thought We'd Make...

If you’re reading this you probably know the Haute Goat / Debbie & Shain story so far. We left the city searching for our own little piece of heaven and found it just outside of Campbellford...a big rambling old farmhouse on 25 rolling wooded acres. We didn’t think things could get any better, but you know what they did. The incredible animals, the wonderful people we’ve met and starting our quirky, little business – Haute Goat.  Well as it has been growing in leaps and bounds, so have the challenges.  We’ve realized that to keep pace, we have to grow as well.  SO the impossible has happened.
And we’re pretty much bursting at the seams to tell you.
We’re moving. 
And we’re taking the whole gang with us - Yoda, Fast Eddie, Eva Shmeva and every wonderful hairy and feathered beastie….

It's not a move made lightly or without a lot of consideration. Our farm is truly a magical place.   When we have visitors here, every one of them marvels at what a special place this is. That magic is what grabbed us when we first saw this place 8 years ago -  and it has never let go. 


There are so many wonderful things (and difficult things) that have happened here that it was a real struggle to make the decision. Our first horse baby was born here. Our first goats came home here and had their first babies. Our much beloved bouvier Maggie is buried here…..

Campbellford, we love you so much and that will never change. This is where we started our farm adventure that has changed our lives. The community has been so incredibly supportive and we will make sure to keep our ties here alive and strong.
But thanks to you, Haute Goat is growing in leaps and bounds. Together with the fact that Shain is on the road so much, that our kids and grandkids are in Toronto, we decided to look for something a little larger and also closer to Toronto. 
Somehow we’ve found another magical place just west of Port Hope. We hope that will make it easier for many of you to get there.  We can tell you we have some pretty exciting plans for the new place. It's larger and very different, but the potential for some great new initiatives is limitless.
In the meantime, we’re in Campbellford until the end of August and we will give you more information as we get closer to the move. 

For anyone who’s ever asked how we managed to live the dream…..finding our Bashert Farm in Campbellford was the first step.  If you might be interested in doing the same, and want information on our Campbellford farm, we’d love to hear from you – just pm me.