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Making the Leap

As I sat down to write this, my phone rang.  It was a woman who'd heard about us from her friends.  The friends told her they were at our farm last summer and haven't stopped smiling.  

Last summer we had a woman visit with her autistic child from Ireland.  We decided to (unplanned) let the goats out to hang out with the child. They spent a good 45 minutes communicating, playing and running with the goats.

In the spring, just after our babies arrived, we had a busload of seniors from a retirement home in Port Hope.  One of the visitors had, for the first time in years, communicated while hanging with the goats.

That is why we do what we do.  Selfishly? It makes us feel good to make others feel good.  Don't get me wrong. We are running a business and our animals have to be fed.  But the joy it brings us means we do a whole lot of smiling too.

But before I start, I digress…..

This is our amazing journey.  And it continues to evolve. We are asked all the time about how we made the transition from city folk to farmers….It certainly wasn’t a straight line, but boy was it the right thing to do for us.

Leaving the city to go to the country may not be your dream.  But having now taken our leap of faith - even with the challenges along the way (and there were many!) - we wouldn’t have it any other way.

In 2007 we bought our first farm in Campbellford.  Expats from the big city, we were overwhelmed with the transition.  I was still commuting to my work in Toronto half the week, but learning about wells, country roads, animal health, predators and everything else was the biggest learning curve we'd ever undertaken.  It was scary at first, but then it became exhilarating. Overcoming challenges is something that delivers a huge sense of accomplishment. When we brought home our first 4 goats in 2009 'learning curve' doesn't nearly describe the journey we embarked on.  We thought that journey would just be taking care of the goats....we soon learned differently.

We have loads of crazy stories about our first years on the farm as cityfolk….We also have loads of practical advice on pitfalls, learning curves and the joy of overcoming the challenges.

And so we do our MAKING THE LEAP FROM CITY TO COUNTRY because people want to know.  Or maybe they just want to find the rationale, courage or whatever it takes to realize their dream.

We have crafted our FARM LIFE WORKSHOPS for people like us - curious about all things rural from INTRO TO CHICKENS, DUCKS AND GEESE to MILK A GOAT, MAKE GOAT CHEESE.  

We invite you to come visit the farm, take a class, have a meal and take a leap.

MAKING THE LEAP FROM CITY TO COUNTRY workshop with lunch takes place Sunday March 18th at 10am at Haute Goat Farm.  For information and to register: www.hautegoat.com