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It's hard to describe the feeling you get when you're surrounded by a herd of goats. Sheer joy? Boundless delight? Overwhelming happiness? 

One of the most amazing things I discovered after we got our goats, and what led us to starting Haute Goat, was that I only had to say the word 'goat' to make people smile, giggle, laugh, tell a story, ask a question.  So it wasn't just me!  Goats just make you feel good.  Simple as that.  I don't know if its chemical, magical or just plain fantasy.  All I know is its true.  

When Shain was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago, going back and forth for radiation treatments, he would sometimes get sad. I suggested he go down to the barn and sit with the baby goats for awhile.  He disappeared into the goat pen and when he came back, he had a grin on his face that went from ear to ear.  You can't stay sad with baby goats jumping on you, chewing your hair, doing acrobatic twists to entertain you. You just can't.  

We've had so many stories like that. The woman who brought her son with severe autism to the farm one day. He was usually very remote, but this day, we let the goats out into the field with the family and he ran with them screaming with joy - and the goats seemed to know and responded in kind. She was amazed and delighted. We, of course, were thrilled.

We watch with delight when the families from Starlight Foundation come and get completely engaged with our little hairy beasties and forget - at least for an hour - their troubles. 

Little kids with unbridled excitement, just scream with delight when the goats come up to nuzzle them. Seniors who remember being on the farm are thrilled to be here and see how we do things and tell us how they used to do them. 

It's not unusual for a group of friends to come sit on the picnic bench outside the goat pen and just watch them for hours at a time, running on the bridges, jumping on the play structures, just plain having fun.

There was a friend who'd had breast cancer and promised herself that if she survived she wanted to get goats - a lifelong dream. I had a lump in my throat as she came for her first 2 goats from us. Then came back this year for a third.  Nothing says I'M ALIVE, like a goat....

And the stories go on. You probably have one.  If not, come to Haute Goat and no doubt you'll create many.