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Ordering the TOTE LUNCH? When you click checkout, be sure to leave us a note in the box as to when you are coming for lunch so we can have it ready for you! *LUNCH ORDERS MUST BE MADE A MINIMUM OF 24 HOURS BEFORE YOUR FARM VISIT.
Coming to the farm for a Shmurgle or just to walk the trails and see the animals? Have a delicious lunch waiting for you to enjoy! Introducing the HAUTE GOAT TOTE LUNCH!
1. TURKEY SALAD with sundried cranberries, chick peas and diced cucumber
2.  TUNA SALAD with a fresh dill mayonnaise and cracked pepper
3.  HAUTE GOAT GOAT CHEVRE with diced tomatoes and peppers
4.  FARM FRESH EGG SALAD with scallions and red peppers
* locally sourced apple
* Summerhill Granola Bar
* Lemonade, Water, Tea/Coffee
5. Locally Sourced Pepperoni Pizza with apple and juice or lemonade, gourmet Summerhill Granola Bar $12
6. Farm fresh egg frittata with goat cheese and grilled veggies, artisan bread, rainbow salad, gourmet Summerhill Granola Bar, lemonade/orange/apple juice, tea/coffee - $20
Provided by Chef Ron Subden of Summerhill Manor B&B

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