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Alpaca 101

Alpacas are gentle, elegant fibre farm animals.  Wonder what they are all about and what it takes to raise them? Join an experienced alpaca breeder to learn everything you ever wanted to know about raising alpacas.  From buying your first alpacas to welcoming your first cria (baby alpaca), we will share all you need to know to start a fun, successful alpaca farm.  Shelter, herd health, nutrition, fibre, breeding and more – bring your questions too!


Heather Candler, B.A., M.Sc.

Heather Candler is the co-owner of Oak Hills Alpacas in Stirling, ON.  A breeder and author, Candler writes about her family’s experience raising alpacas in Ontario.  Their sustainable farm is home to a herd of alpacas, honey bees and a mixed forest woodlot.  Their alpaca farm is their commitment to slower living to balance their busy careers and full family life.  All members of the Candler family play an active role in farm life.

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