Farmer for a Day

Our signature wellness experience 

(limited availability up to 8)

Does your bucket list include: Being a Farmer? Does someone you care about need a day getting back to nature, fresh air and connecting with animals? This experience is great if you want to come on your own, as a group or bring peers for impactful team building.

Come challenge yourself in our Haute Goat Farmer for a Day experience. Work hard, play hard.  At the end of your stay, you’ll feel a real sense of accomplishment and nourishing reward. The memories you make at the farm will last you a lifetime. 

You’ll arrive at Haute Goat Farm the evening before.  Get settled in to one of our unique ‘sleepover’ spots, tour around the farm to meet the animals, get the lay of the place.  At around 6pm you will be seated at our intimate Screaming Goat Cafe for a true farm to table dinner, featuring local seasonal fare prepared by our own Chef Leslie*.  After dinner join us outside for a roaring fire, toasting s’mores and enjoy a spiked Hot Apple Cider until it’s time to turn in.

Breakfast at 7:30 in the café.  (Think warm house-made cinnamon bun with whipped goat cream cheese, fresh fruit and a steaming hot coffee). After breakfast we’ll outfit you with our ‘signature’ bandana, hat, boots and work gloves.  These are yours to take home as mementos of your day – likely infused with goat poop and alpaca spit.

Start with us at 8am in the goat barn as we feed the goats, round up the babies, milk moms (in season).  We’ll clean the pens, move some hay and straw, and if necessary administer any medications.  Alpacas are next as we head to their shelter to clean their paddock, refresh their food and water, give extra feed to our old girl “Evangel”. (Did you know alpacas poop in one place so they are much easier to clean than other animals!) 

We’ll check on the horses and take Tiny Tim (our miniature horse) and Katy (our 27 year old Saddlebred) out of the paddock to get extra feed and some meds.  We’ll spend some time brushing and bonding with them while they eat.  We’ll meet the Icelandic horses (including 2 babies!) in the paddock and do some mindfulness connecting with them.  Also a great time to take in the incredible view of the Northumberland Hills from there and just take a few deep breaths and appreciate the moment.


By now you’ll have worked up an appetite.  Bring that appetite back to the Screaming Goat where Chef Leslie has a big farm lunch all ready for you.  Let’s talk about your morning, look at some of the great photos we’ve taken and talk about plans for the afternoon. 

After lunch take a half hour break to walk the trails, settle on a bench and just soak up the tranquility and beauty of the surroundings….or grab a quick nap in your room.  In the afternoon you will do a barn check and additional feeding if required.  Then we’ll get to work on a group project which may be building a shelter, putting up a fence or training animals for a new experience.  Your project will become part of your legacy at the farm.  We’ll even ask you to sign what you worked on as evidence!

The day ends with a reflective walk with our Livestock Guardian dogs (Tornjaks)  at about 3:30 through the fields and forest if weather allows.  

Head back into the Café for a nourishing snack and a “no rush” sincere send off from Haute Goat.

Some Notes:

This experience is ideal for creating impactful memories for small groups.  This could include teambuilding, bachelorettes, families.

Maximum group size – 8.  

We can accommodate any food challenges with notice

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