Caprine Vinyasa aka Goat Yoga

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Running May 1st to October 31, 2021

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Caprine Vinyasa aka Goat Yoga Details

The most joyful yoga practice you will ever experience! 
Be in the moment as our goats steal a little bit of your heart and possibly your mat for a quick nap. It will be almost impossible to keep a straight face as one of the kids bounces happily on someone's back while they hold a pose. This is definitely not a serious studio-style practice as the goats move freely through the class providing comic relief, lowering anxiety, reducing stress, and creating connections. 
Set outside in our goat playground with the barn to one side, our horse paddock on the other side, and the beauty of Northumberland County providing visual bliss, our goal is to help you will find a sense of peace as you settle onto your mat and a real connection to the goats, nature and of course, yourself.
  • This practice is safe for all levels and our instructor will offer modifications for poses.
  • Please bring your own mat.
  • Note that children under 12 might enjoy our Goat Shmurgle more than this practice.
Our certified yoga instructor- Kim Jaye, brings over 2000 hours of yoga training in various yoga lineages with many incredible teachers and a wide variety of life skills to the mat. She is able to relate class practice to the everyday world around us and especially to life here at Haute Goat. Kim truly believes that goats, alpacas, and nature bring an element of joy to the practice that is essential for true unity- to our breath and physical body, to the animals, the elements, all one, together, no separation.
The Screaming Goat Cafe is open for refreshments before and after class. Treat yourself to goat milk ice cream from Udderly Ridiculous.
Have questions? Give us a call! 905.447.3788
You are warmly invited to experience a yoga practice unlike any other! CLICK HERE FOR ALPACA YOGA!
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