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Artisan Goat Cheese & Goat Butter


We are continually asked for goat cheese.  Because we are not a licensed dairy, we can't sell our own goat cheese.  But in typical Haute Goat fashion, we saw this is a wonderful opportunity to bring in and showcase some of the best artisan goat cheeses in Quebec and Ontario.  We are delighted to present some of these on this page for you and are working toward being THE destination for goat cheese in Ontario. We hope you'll come visit and see what we mean!

Soft Cheese

GREY OWL: This irresistible cheese contains only fresh goat milk.(Most cheeses use cow milk and/or goat milk powder). The dark vegetable ash coating contrasts sharply against the snow-white cheese. Its creamy smooth texture and light grey coating will enhance any cheese platter.

LA MANCHA: A delicious Brie Chevre!

LE CHEVROCHON (Award Winning)This cheese has an off-white interior with a supple, flexible and creamy texture. Along with an earthy aroma, it offers a pronounced but pleasant goat's milk flavour. Winner of the Bronze Medal in its category at the World Cheese Awards 2015-2016.

PERLES DE CHEVRE PESTO or PERLES DE CHEVRE AIL: Made and produced on the farm with the milk of the producers own herd of goats. This cheese is hand-crafted into small balls and preserved in sunflower oil.

BUCHE CHEVRE: Plain classic goats cheese by Celebrity.

Semi Soft

LE MOUTIER MEULE: This Swiss type cheese has irregular eyes and a slightly sweet goat milk taste. Outstanding features are its cream colour and distinct aroma. 

SAINTE NITOUCHE: With notes of roasted almonds and caramel, and a woody aroma, Ste-Nitouche is a semi-soft, washed rind goat's milk cheese. It pairs well with homemade tapenade or bruschetta.

Semi Firm

FET'A LA GRECQUE: Semi-firm textured goat cheese with a light salty taste and pronounced flavour.

LA MASCOTTE: Semi-firm 100% fresh goat's milk cheese, Mascotte tastes of roasted almonds with a goaty finish. Its rind releases a most appealing slightly woody aroma.



Lindsay Bandaged Cheddar has won multiple awards! It is hand-crafted in small batches using premium goat's milk.The cheese is made in the old world way, the cheddar wheel with cheesecloth which helps to age and preserve the flavour. Each wheel is placed on a pine board in our humidity controlled aging room and turned each week to ensure even aging. Aging the cheese in this way yields an earthy, nutty, and slightly crumbly cheese.


RACLETTE CHEVRE: Originally from Switzerland, Fritz Kaiser brought with him the secret of raclette cheese. 

Goat Butter

UNSALTED GOAT'S MILK BUTTER: Goat's Milk Butter made by Celebrity, a perfect new addition to your baking!