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    Have you always wanted an Alpaca?  Why not consider adopting one of ours? 


    You can choose from three different adoption packages.

    Perfect gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s and Father’s Day–or any day that you would like to make someone happy, this is a gift that is sure to be loved.

    It’s easy and fun to adopt your alpaca……

    • First choose “your” alpaca with its own special personality 
    • Then choose your package
    • See our FAQ for more information 
    • Send us an email and let us know which alpaca and which option you want


    Silver Option – $250

    You’ll receive the following:

    • Personalized certificate with a photo of your alpaca
    • An animal factsheet
    • A letter (email) from your alpaca twice a year – You want to know how your alpaca spent the winter ( was it cold during the last blizzard?) or the summer (how it jumped into the pool?) or how the shearing went? Let it tell you. 
    • 2 tickets for a “Lunch Munch” to visit your alpaca in the alpaca pen – to spend some quality time with your alpaca (lunch not included – bring your own picnic or get lunch from our Screaming Goat Cafe)
    • A fleece/fibre sample from your Alpaca to take home with you.
    • Zoom call with your Alpaca
    • 1 Knuffle for 2 people


    Gold Option – $500

    You’ll receive the following:

    Same as “Silver Option” plus

    • Second “Lunch Munch” for 2 people or 1 “Lunch Munch” for 4 people (lunch included)
    • Second Knuffle for 2 people


    Platinum Option – $1000

    You’ll receive the following:

    Same as “Silver Option” plus

    • Platinum option is a “Single Option” – only one per alpaca is available
    • A Unique Knuffle for you and 3 friends – only your group
    • Second “Lunch Munch” for 2 people or 1 “Lunch Munch” for 4 people (lunch included)
    • Learn how to care for your alpaca – learn how to halter your alpaca, to feed and to clean – learn how to sort your alpaca’s fiber
    • Be in the alpaca pen with your alpaca when it gets sheared ! Really unique !


    Check out the gang on our website and pick your favourite alpaca for an adoption!


    Adoption Terms & Conditions

    1. The adopter will be the individual or individuals named on the adoption certificate.
    2. We will process your application on receipt of payment.
    3. Alpaca Adoption packs will be dispatched by mail / email. 
    4. You are under no obligation to renew the adoption. It will only be renewed with your express permission.
    5. It is sometimes necessary(though rare) for us to replace or sell alpacas on the farm. In the event of your chosen alpaca being replaced or sold, we will offer you an alternative alpaca. It will not be possible to refund any fees paid.
    6. It is understood that one alpaca may be “adopted” by more than one individual at a time.
    7. Adoption does not imply ownership.

    Feather: The gang leader. She is a great mum and the matriarch within the herd. She is the mom of Chewbacca and still very protective towards him.  With Feather we need someone confident, she shows the boundaries.  You can see it in her face and body language if she wants her space! She doesn‘t like to be touched too much but sometimes she comes close.  With Feather you can learn to “read” an alpaca.

    Chewbacca: we call him Chewicute! A blond male born here on the farm. Totally a Mama‘s boy, needs to stay near her, at least in the beginning. He is a friendly young man.

    Bella: Her name says it all – she is the beauty on our farm. Bella is incredibly sweet and the most beautiful out of the girls. She has very pretty eyes, lovely fleece and an elegant frame. Her son Obi-Wan, is as beautiful as she is and a heart breaker!! Bella is very calm, not at all jumpy or skittish – just a sweetheart.  

    Obi-Wan: our white alpaca who looks like a teddy bear born here on the farm. Obi is sometimes a handful. He likes to jump and roll and a bit camera shy.  He is a young man of 2 ½ years and our cutest alpaca. Obi likes to give kisses, is always curious and sometimes he sneezes. 

    Princess Leia: our first born alpaca on the farm – she came kind of unexpected – Debbie was busy with a goat in labour when her friend Margie came running and told her that there is an alpaca in labour! A young girl asked: “Can I name her?“ Debbie asked her what would you name her and the young girl said “Princess Leia“ the Star Wars era had started ….Princess Leia, Chewbacca, Obi- Wan, Anakin and the goat, Yoda …..Princess is sometimes skittish and then in the next moment she is taking over the lead of the group – and is the sweetest alpaca.

    Anakin: Only 3 years old. Our cute little girl is sometimes willing to lead the group. Very calm and absolutely a friendly alpaca girl.

    Jerrica: the dark brown one – with a pink halter. She and BB, the other dark brown one, made Haute Goat their home in May 2019 – both were pregnant.  Jerrica had a wonderful sweet baby girl , Shadow, born beginning of August 2019. It’s always good to have at least two babies so that they can grow up together, and play together, this is extremely important for their personal development. Jerrica has the same personality as Bella – an extremely friendly and easygoing character.

    Shadow: her mom is Jerrica. Shadow likes to spend her days running around with buddy Widget. Shadow and Widget will run free with us. They have an extremely thick and fluffy baby fiber. Shadow has a dark black neck and if you are patient you will maybe get the chance to touch her.

    BB: Mother of Widget – this cute silly BB is kind of shy and you need to let her warm up to you. She enjoys the walk but is still timid. We have been walking her for a few months now and she made a huge progress

    Widget: His mom is BB, same as Shadow. Widget likes to run around with Shadow and he is extremely curious and super friendly. With him you always have something to laugh about!


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    CUDDLEGRAM – Send Your Love Around the World

    Can’t see your family or friends this Holiday? 

    Connect with them virtually with a unique video message or photograph taken with one of our adorable animals at the farm. 

    Can’t get to the farm? No problem, we’ll record your messages for you and send it to you.

    Price: $25 per message


    MESSAGES are also great for…..

    birthday parties, marriage proposals, bachelorettes, celebrations – pretty much anything. 



  • Haute Goat Farm Gift Card

    Haute Goat Gift Card


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    Haute Goat Gift Card

    Backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee No Hassle Policy

    Give the gift of goat! Not sure what to get someone? A Haute Goat gift card can be used to purchase our luxury goat milk skin care products, edibles, alpaca products or any of our workshops or experiences!

    Send the goat lover in your life a Goat Shmurgle – hike with the goats and play with them in their goatie playground. Know someone who adores alpacas? Send them a gift card they can use to buy an Alpaca Knuffle Shuffle – hiking with our gorgeous alpacas through the trails of Haute Goat farm. Want your giftee to experience the cutest workout in the world? They can buy a Goat or Alpaca Yoga class.

    Gift cards are delivered by email and contain instructions to redeem them at checkout. Our gift cards have no additional processing fees.

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    Milk a Goat, Make Goat Cheese

    COMING SOON!!! This is what ‘farm to table’ is all about!  Come learn how to milk a  goat (one of our Nigerian Dwarf Goats) and then make goat cheese!  We will be making scrumptious mozzarella.   Led by Debbie Nightingale, Partner, Haute Goat. 


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