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If you love the soaps, you'll be thrilled with the Haute Goat Bath Bombs.  Treat yourself to a bath experience that will sooth your soul, make your skin soft, smooth and very happy.  Here are what people are saying about our Bath Bombs:
I loved the bath bomb! I liked that it was scented enough that it was relaxing but not overpowering. It made the water feel nice and soft.
I had the opportunity for a solo soak last night and brought the bomb! We have a HUGE tub, 2 person easy. So I think the fizz factor was great for a smaller tub. The scent was absolutely perfect, I wouldn't want anything stronger. I thought the lavender was perfection. And my skin felt really great. I'm normally a bit dry/itchy after a tub but this was good. I'm a fan
Oooo yes used my bath bomb this morning. Fizzed nicely, fragrance was good, not too strong, my skin wasn't dry after, very nice ! I used my HG lavender goaty milk soap along with it, heaven !! Will make a nice Valentine's gift.


BAKING SODA, CITRIC ACID, EPSOM SALT, GOAT MILK POWDER, Essential Oil (if scented), Sweet Almond Oil.

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