Handmade, Small Batch Goat Milk Skin Care and Edibles


"I bought the hand cream from you guys and I have to say, it's been AMAZING. I work in a vet clinic and constantly have dry, splitting skin from the chemicals and constant hand washing. Dry hands no more!" - Holly

"I love my birthday gift.. More soap from Mary Jo.. Amazing suprise.. She goat me lol" - Heather

"I stumbled on your company taking walk through the Distillery this summer. I purchased two bars of the Lavender Soap. I am an actress and skin care is very important to me. I gave one to my friend who is also an actress. We both commented on how amazing it felt and how Clean it made our skin feel, without leaving a residue. I have found being on set all day, they have to re apply make up and my skin really feels Harsh after 15 hours…So Thank You for this amazing product. - Karen

"Met you lovely ladies at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. I wish my son and I bought more fudge. It was delicious. Thank you!" - Cocoa

"I had the privilege of enjoying this yummy delight at the Royal this past weekend. If you haven't tried the Divinely Decadent Goat Milk Butter Crunch yet, what are you waiting for???? It is divine!" - Angee

"Just visited with Debbie and her terrific goats at her farm near Campbellford. What a treat! Not only were her goats cute and funny to watch but her goat products are amazing. The carmel popcorn is so tasty and the fudge made with her goats's milk is the creamiest that I have ever tasted. For sure, I'll return with groups next year. Thanks for a great experience, Debbie." - Peter

"Throughly enjoyed visiting you at the Royal today. Your lavender hand cream was wonderful and quite by accident we found it tastes pretty good too when we snacked on a sample offered at another booth and licked our palms! Looking forward to dipping into the dark chocolate crunch we purchased today and visiting your farm sometime soon." - Celia and John

"Haute Goat’s “Naked salted goat milk caramels” (70% dark chocolate – with a sprinkling of Maldon salt) are a divine balance of sweet, salt and chocolate. The Goat milk caramel corn is exactly what caramel corn should be: it sticks to your teeth, has a great snap to it, and is the perfect caramel taste." - The Love of Food

"...subtle undertones that will vault this candy, once cooled and cut into bite-sized squares, into sugar’s hall of fame. Rather than cow’s cream, which is usually the starring ingredient in caramels, this pot of sweets is being fashioned from goat’s milk. And because of that ingredient, this candy is not only sublime, but a rarity." -The Toronto Star

"I never knew I had an affinity for goats milk or goat based products but after trying out Haute Goat a few weeks ago…I’m kinda hooked." - She's So Savvy

"You guys are great,i bought the hand cream and am I every happy!!! I have psoriasis and it can be very painful and this is best stuff I have found. Will def order it when I run out again! Glad to see you guys at the Royal." -Kristin

"PS. Ate a whole piece of the maple fudge today....had bought that for my kids then couldn't stop eating it!" - Jennifer S.