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      Love this place! Enjoyed playtime with the goats! You can schedule a Goat Shmurgle, Alsace Knuffle Shuffle and much more! It’s the perfect family trip.

    thumb padello

      A fun time for animal lovers. A unique farm walk and snuggle with a herd of very affectionate goats and dogs. Great hosts and a good lunch. Worth a day trip!

    thumb austinjohnsadie

      Hobby farm close to the city. Great place for teaching moments with young children. Goats are always interesting, as are the alpaca and chickens. I’m partial to the farm cats and working dogs :) The farm has a number of volunteer staff from abroad. It’s...More

    thumb familytrips20152015

      The property is poorly accessible by multiply vehicles. The parking allotment is very limited. Each item, whether stroller, wagon, wheelchair, or footwear MUST be dunked in a tank for disinfection. Completely understand, yet very awkward for some individuals! The business, is expanding and has many...More

    thumb bluedatsun

      Immediately upon arrival, our small dog VICIOUSLY ATTACKED by their large, unleashed Saint Bernard. Owners showed an appalling lack of compassion for our dog's injuries and our own grief, evening blaming us -- for not having read their homepage advice about pets (though there is...More

    thumb David-Eric

      I went there with my family for the first time on a Sunday afternoon. The goats were very friendly, came right up and interacted with us. Within a few minutes, a staff member sat directly across from us and stared, straight-faced. He did not smile...More

    thumb Lynn_Elyse

      We visited Haute Goat farm with our toddler daughter and she had a great time running around seeing all of the animals. The goats are very friendly and curious, they love to come up and say hello. There's also beautiful Alpacas, horses, farm doggies and...More

    thumb Luciana D

      Haute goat is an amazing experience. My daughter who hates everything (she’s 13) loved everything about our trip to Haute Goat. I would highly recommend going for a shmurgle

    thumb LizAnneAvery

      My husband and I attended Haute Goat for the knuffle shuffle last Saturday. Debbie met everyone and told us about their journey thus far on their farm and then we met the stars of the day....the alpacas 😍. We learned things about each alpaca and...More

    thumb Careycampbell

      My 13-year-old and I had a wonderful experience. Everyone was accommodating the goats included. Couldn’t of asked for a warmer friendly you’re happy day. Everyone left smiling. We had an opportunity to meet with the goats to feed the goats to take pictures with the...More

    thumb D H

      Most lovely farm , Debbie is the best! My first visit was to goat yoga and then I did the Alpaca shuffle. The teach you so much about them and then you go on a lovely walk. It was the best day I highly recommend...More

    thumb amandae88

      Spent the afternoon with my husband, sister & brother in law at Haute Goat, where we participated in the Knuffle Shuffle. What a hoot! Had so much fun and learned so much. Thank you Debbie for your hospitality! My favorite part? It's a toss up...More

    thumb KathleenJim K

      We had a lovely lunch in the great outdoors today before we met the goats. Our grand daughter who is 13 totally loved her ‘holiday surprise’. She enjoyed brushing them. Talking, playing and taking selfies with them. A wonderful way to spend our afternoon. We...More

    thumb suzanne154989

      We visited Haute Goat for a “Schmurgle” with my two kids plus my niece and nephew. Each kid made friends with a different goat! Haute Goat is a beautiful setting and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The alpacas are a little marginalized though. The goats are...More

    thumb V93OOlauras

      We visited Haute Goat last year and fell in love with the place. The farm and the people are equally wonderful. The owners themselves are always around and so friendly and willing to talk and answer questions. Their volunteers are equally as warm and informative,...More

    thumb Jennifer L

      Lovely staff, we got the opportunity to pet a goat even though we did not book the special activity. Entrance is free. We took some very nice cheese home.

    thumb Militza V

      I didn't know what to expect, I really didn't. One of the girls had identified this as a stop along the way of our girls trip. The girls spent most of the time speaking with Debbie who was friendly, knowledgeable and made you feel welcome....More

    thumb squishmpc

      My daughter and I participated in a recent goat yoga session. The breeze was warm, the sun was warm, the ambiance and energy...even warmer! To be surrounded by so many goats...we were in heaven. All they wanted was some loving...and cedar branches, of course! It...More

    thumb cokie59

      Great fun! I smile every time I think about those adorable baby goats. My 22 year old daughter has now made 'shmurgle' part of her vocabulary for any type of snuggling activity.

    thumb ellenwarner

      We spent 2 memorable nights at their B&B. We had farm fresh eggs for breakfast, walked the beautiful property, befriended the guard dogs and watched the most amazing alpacas, goats and Shetland ponies living a wonderful life in the spectacular Northumberland Hills. A little piece...More

    thumb 782marilyna

      We attended a goat milking and cheese making workshop at Haute Goat, and it was fantastic. The farm is located on a stunning hilltop, it is beautifully cared for, and has incredibly friendly and helpful staff. The workshop began with some background information about keeping...More

    thumb sr806

      I reserved a 2-day stay at this place in order to finally remove a long-sought thing from my bucket list: milk a goat with two hands, and into a bucket. And I did, on my last day there. But Haute Goat is more than just...More

    thumb Giannifox

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